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I Lost Me
When I was a little girl!
Was introduced to the world
The world of fairies!
The world of fantasies!
I was happy
Having all my dream come true
By role playing...
Wasn't aware
In life...
I need to play many more

After all

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wingsenslaved 10 महिना पूर्वी

Yes, it's me,i got my first poem published, by this with a foreign publisher in an anthology ?

Kishan Suryavanshi 10 महिना पूर्वी

Realistic asphyxiate status of a women.

wingsenslaved 11 महिना पूर्वी

This is reality of our lives for many indian women, me as well

....कबीरा.... 11 महिना पूर्वी

ખરેખર સાચી વાત છે હદયસ્પર્શી

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