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Riddhi Mehta तुमचे अपडेट्स पोस्ट झाले ગુજરાતી विचार
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“थके-हारे परिंदे जब बसेरे के लिए लौटें ...
सलीक़ामंद शाख़ों का लचक जाना ज़रूरी है “

Riddhi Mehta तुमचे अपडेट्स पोस्ट झाले हिंदी विचार
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बस कह देना चाहिए,
ज़्यादा सोच इरादे कमज़ोर करती है. ❤️

Riddhi Mehta तुमचे अपडेट्स पोस्ट झाले English ब्लॉग
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Everyday is a different day. We never feel wake up feeling exactly the same everyday. Sometimes we like having people around us while other days we just want solitude.

Solitude helps us to reconnect with our inner self and touch own own emotions. It helps us to find our place in this world. We get time to know where we are at in our lives and what we desire to achieve so that we can focus on our goals.

Make your lonely time, a time to grow and understand yourself.

अजून वाचा
Riddhi Mehta तुमचे अपडेट्स पोस्ट झाले English ब्लॉग
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Learn silence. And at least with your friends, with your lovers, with your family, with your fellow travellors here, sit in silence sometimes. Don´t go on gossiping, don´t go on talking. Stop talking, and not only on the outside - stop the inner talk. Be in an interval. Just sit, doing nothing, just being presences to each other. And soon you will start finding a new way to communicate. And that is the right way.

Start communicating through silence sometimes. Holding the hand of your friend,your someone's, sit silently. Just looking at the moon, feel the moon, and both feel it silently. And see, a communion happens - not only communication, but a communion. Your hearts start beating in the same rhythm. You start feeling the same space. You start feeling the same joy. You start overlapping each other´s being. That is communion. You have said without saying anything, and there will be no misunderstanding.

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Riddhi Mehta तुमचे अपडेट्स पोस्ट झाले English ब्लॉग
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We all have been through the phase of deep pain in our lives. Many times we share our feelings with other people but there is a pain that we keep deep inside us.

The pain that is deep within us,might be unseen and unheard but gives us the deepest sorrow in life. We live with it each day knowingly or unknowingly. The pain either comes from a broken heart or a broken dream that we are too reluctant to share with everyone.

Try to share your heart. At times sharing your pain with a right person can bring you out from years of misery. You might not be able to express yourself in front of everyone but you will always find one true listening heart.

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