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Post Free Stories on मातृभारती

Post Free Stories

We understand the Authors and their creative thought process, you might have a story in your mind at midnight or early morning, sometimes you have a story of dark night while working in the daylight. Don't wait for a minute, post the stories here for free, Matrubharti is a platform to bridge the gap between readers and writers. Give life to your characters, develop a story behind incidences and publish on Matrubharti now.

Cover Page Design

Avid readers are introduced to immense numbers of stories on the internet, but they select one or few for them today. The most common element to pick a story for reading is it's creative cover page, though it is said that ' Don't Judge a book by it's cover' , but in reality the cover pages attract most readers towards a story. We would make a beautiful cover page that would bring quality readers to your stories.

Cover Page Design on मातृभारती
Social and Search Promotion on मातृभारती

Social and Search Promotion

The story on internet needs to be searchable and reachable. We are focused on organic promotion of stories on search engine, your story is very well structured on our web pages in such a way that the search engines would love to list it for most desirable keywords. Our social media team works round the clock to reach new readers with decent cover pages of your content and some interesting punch lines.

Earning Opportunity

When a novice writer would progress towards his journey of an experienced Novelist, he is ready to get monetary benefits. Matrubharti provides various models of earning from the content, be it an ebook, physical book, a column writing assignment, an audio book or even a film based on your book, those could be a great opportunities. Our partnership with various such organizations opens gates of fortune for authors.

Earning Opportunity on मातृभारती
Become a Celebrity on मातृभारती

Become a Celebrity

Matrubharti primarily operates online while making equal presence felt in this physical world. We have strong community connections across geographies, such groups help us do some fabulous literary events in small to big cities and even in villages. Matrubharti would take you to one or more of such events as a speaker, you can deliver your speech in front of a live audience. The world would know your creative excellence through our platform.