नियम आणि अटी

Last Updated: January 1, 2020

  1. Submitted content should be typed in Unicode fonts , we don’t accept hard copies.
  2. The author should have detailed profile created with us before publishing. In case of incomplete profiles, we may reject the content or do not accept new content from authors/publishers.
  3. The content should not be plagiarized or direct or indirect copy of any other physical or digital content in the world, if in case of using some other writer/publisher’s content, the publishing author/publisher should have appropriate rights of publishing.
  4. In case of copyrights claims or legal action against the content, the publishing writer would be directly responsible for the same. Matrubharti is a platform and not responsible for the content published on it, nor for the action of any user.
  5. As a writer/publisher you can have one account only for publishing with us, in case of multiple accounts Matrubharti can take appropriate actions or terminate one or more accounts of yours.
  6. Matrubharti can accept or reject the content based on the editorial guidelines or type of content. We always give reasons for the same but it is the reserved right of Matrubharti for publishing the content on our platform.
  7. Content once submitted would be scheduled for publishing based on the Matrubharti internal process, requesting of reschedule or early schedule would not be entertained.
  8. Sharing personal information during the chat with readers/reviewers is not permissible, Matrubharti has given tools to interact with readers/reviewers within the platform.
  9. Abusing readers/reviewers within or outside of the platform may result in discontinuation of your account with Matrubharti.
  10. Published content on Matrubharti cannot be revoked unless in case of Legal issues.